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  • What are the requirements for New/Transferee students?
    Requirements for Kindergarten: Must be 5 by October 2 x 2 ID picture PSA Birth certificate Immunization Record (Baby Book) Requirements for Grades 1 to 6: Entrance Exam (TBA) 2 x 2 ID picture PSA Birth certificate Immunization Record Certificate of Good Moral Character Clearance from all Property and Financial Obligations Form 138-A Requirements for Junior High School: Assessment Test (TBA) 2 x 2 ID picture PSA Birth certificate Immunization Record Certificate of Good Moral Character Clearance from all Property and Financial Obligations Form 138-A * For foreigners, please present your ACR.
  • What are the School's Policies?
    Guidelines – 1 – Phases Learning Center – Baguio City I. SCHOOL POLICIES A. School Fees 1. Statement of Account Please refer to the schedule of payment of fees for STRICT COMPLIANCE: QUARTERLY FEES October 5 December 5 March 5 SEMESTRAL FEE December 5 The school or teacher is not accountable for any loss of checks or payments in cash that have not been properly attached and duly noted in the Daily Guide by the home. Official Receipts and change will be properly stapled, noted, and given immediately. Clearance and Test Permits will be issued after all accounts have been settled. The school reserves the right to refuse admission and deactivate the account of the Learners whose Parents/Guardians have consistently failed to settle financial obligations, not to prejudice the child but to discipline the parent or guardian. 2. SPECIAL CONDITIONS UNDER THE NEW NORMAL Each learner will be assigned an exclusive Phases Account that will read which grants the learner access to the Google classrooms of each subject. WEEKLY COVERAGE OF LESSONS An Explainer Video Lesson will be posted on Stream of each subject every Monday which will discuss the topics/concepts for the week, regardless of the chosen learning modality. Assigned Modules are given at the end of each Explainer Video Lesson which must be accomplished and turned in on or before 5:00 PM, every Friday of each week. The Parent’s will receive a notification for each posted material, activity and/or lecture through the Guardian Email provided upon enrollment. BLENDED LEARNING Blended learning will consist of both In-Person and Virtual Class. In- Person classes will be held three times (3x) a week on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays (Half-day only). One and one-half (1 ½) hours is allotted for each subject and will be utilized to support online lectures and assessment tasks. Virtual classes will be held Tuesdays, and Thursdays for in-depth discussion of the topic at hand and note-taking. Blended learning will be implemented for two (2) consecutive weeks followed by two (2) consecutive weeks of purely virtual classes. Regular attendance must be strictly observed in both modalities. QUARTERLY EXAMS Exams will be held on a Quarterly basis. The Learner must be cleared of all Academic requirements and Financial Obligations before he/she may access the link to the Quarterly Exams. Honesty Honesty in the performance of all academic tasks and requirements must be manifested at all times; for this reflects the values inculcated by the Home. The school believes in the capability of the Learner to comprehend and apply the concepts learned from the Video Lessons and Virtual Classes and therefore can accomplish the assigned activities and tasks independently like they would do in Face-to-Face classes. Any student caught cheating in any manner will receive an automatic zero in the activity, quiz, or test. Likewise, the student will be excluded from the Honor Roll for the quarter. Repetition of such act warrants disciplinary measures such as suspension and/or exclusion from enrollment in the following school year. Transfer and Withdrawal Any student, Filipino or Non-Filipino, from the Preschool to Grade 10 level who transfers or otherwise withdraws, in writing within two weeks after the beginning of classes and who has already paid the pertinent tuition and other school fees in full or for any length longer than one month will be charged all the applicable fees for the entire school year. The foregoing is based on the premise that a student who was officially enrolled in the school stays enrolled for the entire school year regardless of his subsequent transfer or withdrawal Guidelines – 3 – Phases Learning Center – Baguio City II. ACADEMIC POLICIES A. Evaluation and Assessment 1. Grading System The student’s progress is recorded on a PROGRESS REPORT CARD four (4) times within the school year and hence will be referred to as a QUARTER. In the Preschool level, they will be rated based on their own ability and not in comparison with other children in class. In keeping with the constant objective of helping each child reach his full potential, the Progress Report Card gives information on the progress of the child through a checklist of skills for each subject area that are rated using a 5-point scale. Awards of recognition based on overall academic excellence will not be awarded. In the Grade School and High School levels, the students will be rated numerically for the academic subjects based on the prescribed K-12 Curriculum grading system. Achievement ratings are given at the end of each Quarter and indicate the student’s performance and progress in a particular subject. The Grade School Department follows the averaging Grading System in every grading period. Grading period marks are determined as follows: Guidelines – 4 – Phases Learning Center – Baguio City 2. Promotion and Retention Grade 1 to 10 learners with grades below 75 is marked FAILED in the learning area. The Learners from Grades 1 to 10 with an end of school year status with 1 or 2 failed subjects is CONDITIONALLY PROMOTED whereupon the learners are required to attend remedial summer classes on the failed subject/s prior to promotion to the next grade level. Any failed summer subject/s enrolled means RETAINED in the current grade level. Grades 1 to 10 learners with an average of 75 with 3 or more failed subjects are RETAINED in the current grade level, hence, not allowed to enroll summer classes. ACADEMIC EXCELLENCE Academic excellence shall be based on the general average of all the learning areas in the curriculum year. III. WHAT THE PARENTS SHOULD KNOW The curriculum provides learning experiences and strategies which promote retention and recall. However, each student is expected to study lessons on a daily basis to prepare for the subsequent lessons and activities. INDIVIDUAL PROGRESS MONITOR The home will be regularly updated on the weekly progress of the learning through the Individual Monitoring Sheet which contains a details of the child’s accomplished and unaccomplished Modules. The Home bears the responsibility of closely monitoring the progress of Learner to ensure that all Activities contained in the Modules are duly accomplished and promptly turned in or submitted in the respective Google Classrooms. All entries must be duly acknowledged by the parents/guardians which reflects the amount of support and concern the child receives from the home. Complaints The policies contained herein shall prevail. Should there be complaints or issues raised, the complaint must be directed to the administration who will mediate as the two parties will have to discuss the issue/issues. If this remedial measure proves to be unsatisfactory, a formal complaint to the grievance committee headed by the School Head may be resorted to. Complaints bypassing proper procedure will not be entertained and will be dismissed.
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